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PRODRG Text Drawings

With a bit of practice, text drawings allow to rapidly sketch out arbitrary small molecules to be used as input for PRODRG. A few example drawings:

         O   O          N               N           O
         |   |          |               "           "
       O=C O C=O      N=C-C-N=C       N-C-N-C-C-C-C-C-N-C-C
         | | |        |   "   |                   |   |   |
         C-C-C        C=N-C-N--                   N-C-C---C 
           |                                        "
           C=O                                      O
       (Citrate)      (Adenine)           (cyc-Arg-Pro)

The rules are as follows:

Charlie Bond wrote a nice XEmacs script for making these text-drawings, which can be downloaded here. This script will let you use XEmacs to draw bonds and point-'n-place atoms.